Our Facility

 MKT located in a 2.24 Ha piece of land, about 1 Km away from the port of Tanjung Priok. This facility is very close to the main road and having good access to all directions in or around Big Jakarta areas. At the opposite of MKT located a 5.5 Ha container depot which operates by one of the Samudera Indonesia Group's business unit. Therefore with this position the company can offer the shortest turnaround time for stuffing and dispatching the goods to the port.

 The company operates a fairly large and modern state-of-the-art warehouse equipped with a floor to ceiling racking system. It is a raised floor warehouse of 2,700 square-meters and its floor capacity of 5,000 KGS per square-meter. The Racking system can hold 3,772 pallets of size 1.2 X 1.2 meters for cargo storage. The warehouse has an excellent ventilation system and adequate security against rain, dust, pest and pilferage. To monitor the goods constantly apart from the arrangement on ground, the warehouse also has a catwalk at a roof level to do the same.

 The open areas are paved with cone-blocks where big vehicles can maneuvering smoothly. MKT operates 1 unit top-loader of 42 tons capacity, diesel forklifts from 2.5 tons up to 15 tons capacity and to support its racking system having 4 units of "Crown" reach stackers, a battery operated one. Working with their partner, MKT also operates prime movers and chassis for hauling empty and laden container around the port areas.

 Having an EDI linked with the container terminal. Customs and excise official and SUCOFINDO surveyors are permanently stay in MKT. Since last year SUCOFINDO officially operates their so-called "Kantor Penerbitan LPS" in MKT facility. By mid 1999, the company hopes can communicate with customers through the internet and where all customers able to find necessary information (cargo and containers export) via this system.

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