History of PT. Masaji Kargosentra Tama

At the beginning, the warehouse service facility in Samudera Indonesia Group was a part in completing the shipping lines activities. During that time Samudera Indonesia did not operate its own warehouse but used the port warehouses that available in most every pier. Most of these warehouses were built during the colonial days and some by the port management. Shipping lines can rent these warehouses to support their activities also used by the forwarders for their cargo movement. It happened that one warehouse can be used by more than one shipping lines/forwarders.

 In mid seventies, where more cargo starting used containers for their movement the port of Tanjung Priok seems to be "small". This was because more area to be available for stacking the containers movement. Since containerization was something new, the port management had to find solution to reduce the tendency for congestion. Old warehouses were tear downed and the port started to build container terminals for the container vessel. Later the warehouse that build in container terminal were also tear downed and that area provided for container yard.
Facing their port problems, the government requested private companies to start investment in container depots outside the port area for reduce the port congestion. In the meantime, Shipping Lines and Forwarders also facing problems to find suitable warehouse space in the port area for their cargo-movements.

 To provide better service for the customers in line with these port problems, SIG Directors decided to have their own warehouse especially in handling the export cargoes. Finally PT Masaji Kargosentra Tama is established on July 29th 1992 which core business is in warehousing (CFS and Distribution Services) by renting another warehouse facility located outside the port area. Around first quarter year 1993, MKT started build their own warehouse located in a 2.24 Ha piece of land about 1.5 Km from the port. On 9th September 1993 the warehouse was completed, a raise floor one with steel and concrete building with 2,700 square-meters space with full racking system that can accommodate 7,800 CBM cargoes at one time. To support the warehouse racking system MKT operated four units reach stacker (battery operated) plus forklifts from 2 tonner up to 15 tonner capacity and a top-loader with 45 tons capacity.  A generator set of 165 KVA as a back up for the PLN electricity and also for serving reefers containers. Facing the globalization and customers demand, a second warehouse is on the way to establish which perhaps will be declared as a " bonded warehouse ". Also in facing the year's ahead requirement, MKT consider that investment for the people is important therefore up grading the employees knowledge, ability and responsiveness are also important to meet the customer demand. We knew the meaning : "Customer is king..."

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