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PT. Masaji Kargosentra Tama (MKT) was incorporated in Jakarta in 1992. We began the business by handling LCL Cargo using rental facility (1989-1992). Our core competence is to provide the warehousing and distribution services for both import and export cargo in Jakarta area. With 10.000 square meters of storage space which is equipped with modern racking systems to maximize utilization of space and also keep to dry all temperature controlled goods in prime condition. High reach forklift enable us to provide of warehousing service, consolidation and distribution of goods.

As a provider of warehousing service, our focus is to handling cargo done by professional human resources using sophisticated equipment and the objective to meet customer satisfaction and to maintain the customer loyalty. To provide the most qualified service to customer is our satisfaction.

We are member of Samudera Indonesia Group which derives strength from its experienced and professional management team and its well recoqnized brand name earned through excellent service and its commitment in building long term relationships with customer.

In the same way we look into the future. In a world of disappearing borders and free trade, we are gearing ourselves to compete in an International arena.

Corporate Managing Director Forwarding Group,

Masli Mulia

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